Criteria for writing a great essay


Thesis Statement Organization Effective expository papers generally are well organized and unified, in part because of fairly rigid guidelines that writers follow and that you should try to follow in your papers.

Each body paragraph of your paper should begin with a topic sentence, a statement of the main point of the paragraph. Just as a essay statement conveys the main point of an entire essay, a topic sentence conveys writing main point of a single body paragraph.

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As illustrated above, a clear and logical relationship should cgiteria between the topic sentences of a paper and the thesis statement. If the purpose of a paragraph is to persuade readers, the topic sentence should present a claim, or something that you go here prove with specific evidence.

Young people around the world seem to have an increasing perception of economic uncertainty and contemplate something their parents would have found impossible - a decline in living standards over their lifetime. Some versions of the software available on public machines produce graphics that cannot be printed from other machines. Several generations ago, it was generally believed that too many babies were being born, and that societies should try to reduce their populations. Possible options among many for getting started include:

If you begin a body paragraph with a claim, a point to prove, then you know exactly what you will do in the rest of the paragraph: You also know when to end the paragraph: If you begin a body paragraph with a fact, though, something that it true by definition, then you have nothing to prove from the beginning of the paragraph, possibly causing you to wander from point to point in the paragraph.

The claim at the beginning of a body paragraph is very important: The length and number of body paragraphs in an essay is another thing to consider. In general, each body paragraph should be at least half of a criteria for writing a great essay long for a double-spaced essayand most expository essays have at least more info body paragraph each for a total of at least five paragraphs, including the introduction and conclusion.

Support and Development of Ideas The main difference between a convincing, insightful interpretation or click to see more and a weak interpretation or argument often is the amount of evidence than the writer uses. This means that, for every claim you present, you need to support it with at least several different pieces of specific evidence.

Often, students will present potentially insightful comments, but the comments are not supported or developed with specific evidence.

Criteria for writing a great essay

When you come up with an insightful idea, you are most likely basing that idea on some specific facts. To present your interpretation or argument well, you need to state your interpretation and then explain exsay facts that have led you to this conclusion. Effective organization is also important here.

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If you begin each body paragraph with a claim, and if you then stay focused on supporting that claim with several pieces of evidence, you should have a well-supported and well-developed interpretation. As stated above, each body paragraph generally should be at least half of a page long, so, if you find that your body paragraphs are shorter than this, then you might not be developing your ideas in much depth. Often, when a student has trouble reaching the required minimum length for an essay, the problem is the lack of sufficient supporting evidence.

In an interpretation or argument, you are trying to explain and prove something about your subject, so you need to use plenty of specific evidence as support. A good approach to supporting criteria for writing a great essay interpretation or argument is dividing your interpretation or argument into a few significant and related claims and then supporting each claim thoroughly in one body paragraph.

Introduction Notice how in the introduction, this student writer: Following this process is the easiest way to draft a successful essay, whatever its purpose might be. While an essay is a large project, there are many steps a student can take that will help break down the task into manageable parts. Possible options among many for getting started include: Have you considered how the authors of the articles you discuss or someone else who read your essay and disagreed with you might respond to your arguments? Is your essay to inform or persuade? A HECS on fertility? The length and number of body paragraphs in an essay is another thing to consider.

Insight into Subject Sometimes a student will write a well-organized essay, but the essay does not shed much light on the subject. At the same time, I am often amazed at the insightful interpretations and arguments that students come up with. Every semester, students interpret aspects of texts or present arguments that I had never considered. If you are writing an interpretation, you should reread the text or study your subject thoroughly, doing your best to notice criteria for writing a great essay new each time you examine it.

As you come up with a possible interpretation to develop in an essay, you should re-examine your subject with that interpretation in mind, marking passages if your subject is a literary learn more here and taking plenty of notes on great subject. Studying your subject in this way will make it easier for you to find supporting evidence for your interpretation as you write your essay.

The insightfulness of an essay often is directly related to the organization and the support and development of the ideas in the essay. If you have well-developed body paragraphs focused on one specific point each, then it is likely that you are going criteria depth with the ideas you present and are offering an insightful interpretation. If you organize your essay well, and if you use plenty of specific evidence to support your thesis and the individual claims that comprise that thesis, then there is a good possibility that your essay will be insightful.

Clarity Clarity is always important: Review your essay carefully and change any parts of the essay that criteria for cause confusion for readers.

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Also, take special note of any passages that your peer critiquers feel are not very clear. Style "Style" refers to the kinds of words and sentences that you use, but there are many aspects of style to consider.

  • Review of Population and Social Policy, No 7, pp.
  • Have you noted where you refer to the work of writers other than yourself?
  • Have you committed any glaring errors of reasoning?

Aspects of style include conciseness, variety of sentence structure, consistent verb tense, avoidance of the passive voice, and attention to the connotative meanings of words. Several of the course web pages provide information relevant to style, including the following pages:


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