A level essay writing for english tests


Do not adopt the first possible approach. Try to range widely but keep to the terms of the question. Create a strong opening and closing The examiner is going to be marking many similar essays.

To send the examiner to sleep immediately: Instead, try to wake the examiner up. A short controversial statement A striking piece of evidence.

A level essay writing for english tests

wrkting The main thing is a level essay writing for english tests demonstrate that you have thought about the question. A strong ending is important in that it creates the final a level essay writing for english tests the examiner carries away from your answer: Save a bold statement until the end Or finish with a useful quotation.

Illustrate amply with relevant material Do not try to get by on ignorance and waffle — the examiner will spot it!

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Use a good number of brief but relevant quotations, derived from your thorough knowledge of the text. Think about your style Give some thought, however brief, to each sentence before you write it: Does it say what you mean?

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Does it make the point? Anyone claiming to be a student of English is expected to have a good knowledge of the mechanics of the language: If you have problems with spelling, grammar and punctuation, take action before the examination.

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You will be penalized for errors. Try to leave time to read through etsts paper before handing it in.

A level essay writing for english tests

Say what you mean in the clearest and shortest manner. Leave yourself time to make new points. Use an appropriate tone and vocabulary Most of the exams and essays that you will write require a formal register of language: Also avoid slang or colloquial terms. Make good use of quotations You need to know your text so well that all its ideas are in your head and relevant quotations come easily to mind. When you use quotations, remember to try to blend them seamlessly into your own sentence structure. When you use a quotation, make it work for you: Do not use quotations simply because you have memorized them: Organize your time Divide your time appropriately In an examination you will almost certainly have several essays to write or sections to complete: Decide on the order forr which you wish to answer them.

Make sure that you answer writinb all. Jot down ideas about any of the questions you expect to answer: Give each question the appropriate time and don't exceed it: If you are levfl your a level essay writing for english tests in the examination, do not waste time in leafing through it in search of ideas: Plan your answers carefully Have the confidence to take time to plan.

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You could usefully devote up to a quarter of the exam time to this process. It is worth englisg because: You will save time in the end It is much more efficient than sitting and trying to think of the next point You will have a sharper, more fluent and authoritative answer.


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