Write down your vision for the future

  • Where do I get started?
  • Write things down Commit to do it for at least 20 minutes a day for at least four days Only try it if you think it will be a meaningful or challenging thing to do Ready to try it?
  • Continue to practice the same vision you've always dreamed to be your reality, the one you know you deserve.

How to Create a Vision for Your Life I used to think it was a silly waste of time to think about a vision for my life. It seems to touchy-feely, too Tony Robbins-ish. But then, as I started learning how to change my life and my habits, I realized something: This was painfully clear at my recent high school reunion.

Does having a vision make you better able write down change your life, or does being able to change your life make having a vision possible? Being able to change your life and having a vision for it diwn the yin and yang of living a great life. One will jump-start the other. Or, create a vision for your life and then learn how to change it.

But does lady science agree? Courtesy of Joyce Meyer Ministries I want to encourage you that, no matter how old you are or what you've been through, God has a good plan for your life. What could you contribute to the world that would make you feel proud and content? They even felt better physically too. Matthew Henry Commentary qrite Keep going for 20 minutes, or longer if you want to.

Goals are individual experiences and accomplishments you strive for. A write down your vision for the future is the bigger picture. Your vision helps define the goals by giving you a framework to evaluate those goals.

Write down your vision for the future

Your vision becomes your why. Your vision should aim to answer questions like: What life do you want to have lived at age 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80? What kinds of people do you want to be surrounded by?

Write down your vision for the future

What are the greatest things you could accomplish, given the right circumstances, resources and motivation? What do you wish you here change about the world? What could you contribute to the world that would make you feel proud and content? When you die, what would you want people to say and remember about you? In fact, start by answering those questions and your vision should be easy to create.

This is where that college philosophy class should come in handy.

You need to go deep and existential here. What is the real meaning of life?

It can be just about anything. We simply can't visualize the outcome of something to which we've become attached. Having a vision is having the wisdom to see past certain events in expectation of a greater outcome. Never, ever give up Simply having a vision does not fulfill it; you must write down your vision for the future to materialize your dream. The Bible tells us to write down our vision so we can see it plainly.

How should you live your life? Regardless of your answer, there will be things you want to do or be, and there are resources needed to support those experiences and accomplishments. Next, make a list of the categories of things that matter to you.

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Fiture are the categories currently on my list: Health — exercise, diet, mindfulness, perspective Ability — skills, knowledge, character Relationships — curate and cultivate them Time — using what time you have wisely Wealth — creating the value necessary to support goals Experiences Accomplishments Contentment — being happy with who you are, perhaps write down your vision for the future ultimate goal Your list can and should look different.

Now, for each of your categories, write down what you want or need from each.

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Finally, craft a statement that describes what your ideal life looks like. I know, it might seem cheesy, but this entire exercise can be incredibly fun and rewarding. It cor the perfect setting to get all introspective. Your vision statement will consist of an overall description of your ideal life, combined with a list of areas that matter most, and high-level goals for each area.

You need to build a system for yourself, where you review your vision and goals regularly, and update your action plan for accomplishing those goals. Start with calendar reminders and task list items and build life planning time into your daily and weekly routines until it becomes habit.



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