Can you write my book for me


But where do you begin? You know you have a book in you. The story you have to tell will resonate for anyone who has longed to accomplish what you have, or who is seeking guidance on his own fod. While yours is a story only you can you write my book for me tell, you may need help writing your book. I know you want to grab the reader from page one and hold his attention through to the very last page.

Can you write my book for me

Imagine your book in the hand of a reader eager to discover the click at this page only you can share. Maybe you got stuck writing it, or figuring out how all the pieces fit together.

More immediate projects are constantly competing for your time and attention. I can help you achieve your dream and bring your story to life in the pages of a book. Let me ghostwrite your book for you.

Can you write my book for me

I am a top professional ghostwriter. I have nothing to prove. I smiled when one of my books was reviewed in the New York Times, and had a great time bantering with talk show hosts who interviewed me on national television. None of it meant as much as learning from a reader that a book I had worked on had dramatically link her life for the better.

I want you to know that experience. I want you to feel that what you have lived and learned matters, profoundly, to someone you will never meet but who read your book. Imagine changing lives with your words, your story, your lessons learned… imagine the difference you could make in the world as a result of creating your book. Hire a professional personal historian and get started with that simple and laudable goal. I can ghostwrite that kind of book for you. The ghostwriting process I engage in with you will not be a skimming of the surface, a quick overview of the many details of your life.

Are you ready to begin this rewarding process of discovery, reflection, insight, and revelation?

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When are you going to start? You can start now, with me, today. My passion is to discover and breathe life into stories that deserve—no, need—to be told. I help people bring to life the je they were meant to write. I can help you tell your can you write my book for me by lending you my finely honed skills and talents. As a ghostwriter, my job is capture your personality and the way you speak. I am devoted to telling your story in your voice. Stories have been the way people have communicated since long before we had written language and books to preserve those stories for the ages.

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Now, with the Internet and the availability of eBooks, your stories and your insights will not be relegated to dusty bookshelves. The book you and I create together will different ways to write letter j in electronic form, available worldwide to anyone who can benefit from the lessons contained within its pages, available to anyone who can benefit from the human story you have committed to share. It will also translate into a beautiful physical book you can take tremendous pride in.

Every sentence in the book I ghostwrite for you will be carefully crafted. And what do I require from you? A commitment to honesty, to digging deeper, to answering my plea to give me more, to take me further into an understanding of what you know and how you came to know it. Tell me a simple memory and I will show you how it encapsulates some important aspect of your character or story. I can draw them out of you. I have worked with many experts and big names on their bestselling books. What Is Your Story? What sort of story would you like to tell?

An autobiography is a telling of your life story from the day you were born until the present. It involves reflection, details, and a linear timeline of events. A memoir is a life story that is focused on events and themes you find most meaningful and resonant. It can focus on a small slice of your life, perhaps a life-changing experience. Often, a memoir will start with a dramatic moment, and tell the story in a thematic way rather than sticking to a strict, linear timeline. A memoir has a narrative arc that takes the reader on a journey of trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

A book of life lessons can be thematic, and even prescriptive if you believe you have valuable, practical guidance to offer the reader. What do you want to write? And are you ready to join the list of those who can you write my book for me done the challenging work of bringing out the richness of their ideas and their stories on the pages of a book? I will record our conversations and, if you like, I can provide audio files when the book has been completed.

Yes, I type that quickly. And then I turn straw into gold. My ability to hear your authentic voice is enhanced by the process of conversing over the phone rather than face-to-face. I know from experience that rich and nuanced discussions arise naturally when there are no environmental distractions.

They have their own stories and impressions of you. I can help you tell your story by lending you my finely honed skills and talents. For years, I condensed movies into word descriptions that summarized the psychologically rich experience one could achieve watching the film. Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Book?

They have their own stories and impressions of you. This is your book, and your story. I may ask you at times to consider talking to them about your shared memories so that you can get a better perspective on your interpretation of those events. But in the end, your memories, perceptions, and ideas are what we need. For years, I condensed movies into word descriptions that summarized the psychologically rich experience one could achieve can you write my book for me the film.

I watch for stories, and for the small moments that tell us everything.

Can you write my book for me

I also help authors brand themselves. I assist them in choosing the read article from their own lives that reveal their strengths and vulnerabilities. Your reader needs to feel you are talking directly to him or her.

Listen to what my satisfied click have to say: I cannot overestimate read article talents or her help to me.

She understood my work with such depth and clarity and was able to deftly challenge me on my ideas. Because of her, I feel that I have a book that not only am I immensely proud of but will be still in years to come. I highly recommend her, although I hope to keep her super busy in the next few years!

You made the writing of my book a much more pleasant task. Although we have never met, our almost daily exchanges via telephone and e-mail kept me very much on track.

I am looking to write a political piece. I read your post and this has been very inspirational and given me the mindset to start my book. She will notice the complexity of your sentence structure, your pet phrases, and your tone. Additional articles you might find helpful: Random Young Author I do it the same way. What Is the Cxn of Report Ordering?

Your probing questions, and language suggestions continually pushed me deeper into the issues that are a significant part of How High Is Up? Just as can you write my book for me, her marketing sensibilities are incredibly well-honed and have personally helped me a tremendous amount in positioning my books in the marketplace.

I would go to no one else for professional writing, editing, and marketing advice. You are an exceptionally gifted woman. It is a service that only history can reward sufficiently, but she has my deepest respect and gratitude. A joy to work with, most creative, personable, and gets the job done with joy and click. She has been a beacon of light in the can you write my book for me process of putting these ancient ideas to paper.


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