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James Patterson has become one of the international best-selling authors. The people who think Harry Potter is hard to read. He wrote the most highly anthologized book in the history of the U. But I'm more interested in the dark horses, the statistical outliers, which lay bare the secret fetishes and perversions of thee literati. He is set to publish an abridged version of the novel for young adults on September 8 with Penguin Random House.

Literature is the realm of the ineffable and the unquantifiable; lists are the realm of menus and laundry and rotisserie baseball. There's something unseemly and promiscuous about all this web page letters and numbers jumbled together.

Best writers in the world list style is pure, unadulterated genius. He also knows how to create an appeal to the people. They reveal more insight into even the most basic human interactions, why people do what they do and what they are thinking. He wrote the most highly anthologized book in the history of the U. There is a fine line within every story, his is just another persons perspective on what children want to read, really just another children's author who want people to read, Bset seems to have some eager inside for his viewers, same story inside best writers in the world list novel - lame.

Take it from me, a critic who has committed this particular sin many times over. But what if—just for argument's sake—you got insanely rigorous about it.

You went to all the big-name authors in the world—Franzen, Mailer, Wallace, Wolfe, Chabon, Best writers in the world list, King, of them— and got each one to cough up a top list of the greatest books of all time. We're talking best writers in the world list here: Then you printed and collated all the lists, crunched the numbers together, and used them to create a definitive all-time Top Top 10 list. See the best novels of all time.

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Yes, it would probably still be an obscenity. But it would be a pretty interesting obscenity.

And that's what we have in J. Peder Zane's The Top 10 Norton; pages. Each individual top 10 list is like its own steeplechase through the international canon.

Stephen King's great but he didn't write nearly as many legendary novels. All of his worlld that I've read are in my favorites list. Stephen King The Rest Stop For forty years he gathers a faithful reader community around, which is recruited across from all classes of readers. Very ashamed to see that he is so low on this list, particularly as War and Peace has been hailed as the greatest novel of all time. All his books carry powerful messages and the meaning of life.

Look at Michael Chabon's. He heads it up with Jorge Luis Borges's Labyrinths. He follows that up with by Pale Fire by Nabokov at 2.

Does he really think it's better than Lolita? Then with number 3 he goes straight off the reservation: Scaramouche, by Rafael Sabatini.

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The whole exercise is an orgy of intellectual best writers in the world list, which as we all know is infinitely more fun than the first round of guessing. There's plenty of canon fodder on the lists. But I'm more interested in the dark wofld, the statistical outliers, which lay bare the secret fetishes and perversions of the literati.

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The quintessentially American Tom Wolfe starts by reeling off four French classics in a row. At times one reads in the knowledge that one is being messed with.

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There's an outside, screwball chance that David Foster Wallace really reveres C. See the top 10 books you were forced to read in school.

Best writers in the world list

There are several lifetimes' worth of best writers in the world list literary leads here— books in all. An page appendix providing enlightened summaries of all list works mentioned is worth the price of admission all on its own. But to get you started, here, in all its glory, is the all-time, ultimate Top Top 10 list, derived from the top 10 lists of of the world's most celebrated writers combined.

Read it and— well, just read it.



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