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Of recycled toilet paper point out that converting virgin pulp. we want this to be legal and it would do a. Lot more just save the trees. He goes the writers guild of america east literally a roll of toilet paper a day, possibly more. A lot of folks are weird about discussing their particular..

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Read our privacy policy Sylvia Plath Plath wrote poetry from the age of eight and by the time she arrived at Cambridge University she had written over 50 short stories and was published in a raft of magazines. What followed was a stunning career featuring award after award, but it was her collection Ariel, published after her suicide, on which Plath's reputation essentially rests. One of the most dynamic and admired writers of the twentieth century she was the driving force behind confessional poetry.

A true genius, troubled to the point of taking her own incredible life at the age of just JD Salinger "All morons hate it when you call them a moron. His novel The Catcher in the Rye most of which he wrote while serving in the Second World War was an immediate success and continues to sell aroundcopies a year. He wrote to his maid once: Sitting around a log fire at Byron proposed that they "each write a ghost story". One evening, unable to sleep, Shelley's story came to her: Frightful must it be; for supremely frightful would be the effect of any human endeavour to mock the stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world.

She later described that summer in Switzerland as the moment "when I first stepped out from childhood into life". Toni Morrison A truly towering figure in literature today, Toni Morrison won the Pulitzer Prize in for Beloved and the Nobel Prize in - the last American and first black woman to do so. She has always written from the perspective of being an African American woman and powerfully evokes in her fiction the bonds that both unite and divide people of this ancestry.

In Beloved was chosen by the New York Times Book Review as the best work of American fiction published in the last quarter-century and Barack Obama cites Morrison's Song of Solomon as his favourite book of all time. Aldous Huxley Annoyingly talented, besides novels Aldous published travel books, histories, poems, plays, and essays on philosophy, arts, sociology, religion and morals, between doing huge amounts of psychedelic drugs again, that part's not cool, kids. His best known novel A Brave New World is, surely, joint top in the greatest works of science fiction alongside - which was written by George Orwell, a former student of Huxley's, no less.

Worth learn more here, also, that Huxley appears on the album cover of Sgt. Ken Kesey A leading figure of counterculture Kesey, while a student at Stanford, volunteered as a medical guinea pig in a CIA-financed study into the effects of psychoactive drugs, particularly LSD and mescaline. This experience fundamentally altered Kesey, personally and professionally and, while working as an orderly at the psychiatric ward of the local veterans hospital, he began to have hallucinations about an Indian sweeping the floors you know where this is going, right.

When chatting with them Kesey did not believe that the patients at the hospital were insane, rather that society had pushed them out because they did not fit the conventional ideas of how people were supposed to behave. All this prompted him to write the spectacular One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which was an instant hit. Roald Dahl Every single person that reads this will probably have a different reason for him featuring in this list, but every single person, surely, will agree he belongs in it.

A war hero who was one of the last Hurricane pilots to withdraw from Greece during the German invasion, he didn't start writing for children until he had children of his own. At that point, from his garden shed writing room, he single-handedly transformed children's literature with his unsentimental, dark humour and utterly unexpected endings. We miss you, Roald. Every last one of us. Douglas Adams Douglas Adams was a bloody good egg. But even aside from his writing the man was cool.

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No one will read your book. When viewed globally, selling 1. These sobering statistics are not meant to discourage writers, but to point out the obvious: But who is no one really not reading. Some undoubtedly deserve their fate; others, immensely talented writers, nearly break your heart. This might sound snobbish; it probably is. Marcel Schwob Category: A writer whose influence far exceeds his readership Category: He is the epitome of the writer no one thinks they read, but who, due to his profound influence, lives on in the work of others. Mary Butts Category: Despite the acclaim, the book has fallen into a prolonged obscurity after the English translation, published by Knopf in the early s, fell out-of-print.

This may partly be due to the imperfect translation of that edition and the stylistically challenging original, which works in read article registers to capture a tumultuous period of Brazilian history. Julien Gracq Category: Also, the cover of the original New Directions translation pictured is surely one of the great book designs of all time. Jane Bowles Category: A writer who may just have been too strange to gain a readership Category: A perpetually rediscovered and lost writer Jane Bowles, whose only novel Two Serious Ladies is currently in print with Ecco Books, is a writer seemingly destined to ride a sine wave of fortune.

Augusto Monterroso Category: Besides one novel, All the Rest is Silence, his great writers of the world know consisted entirely of fantastic and ironic short stories, a characteristic that perhaps has kept him from attaining the status he deserves. Rosemary Tonks Category: A writer who renounces her art and disappears It seems Rosemary Tonks preferred the no one read her work.

After publishing two collections of poetry and six novels in the s, Tonks retreated from the British literary scene, where she was a figure of some renown, and ceased publication altogether to spend her remaining years seeking spiritual consolation and slowly cutting herself off from friends and family. Fran Ross Category: Driss ben Hamed Charhadi Category: An illiterate writer resigned to being unread Charhadi the pseudonym of Larbi Layachi is the second writer on this list affiliated with Paul Bowles.

He was an illiterate shepherd and great writers of the world know drug trafficker in Tangier whose story, A Life full of Holes, was recorded, transcribed, and translated by Bowles..

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They are all amazing. All his books carry powerful messages and the meaning of life. Shame that many young readers flock to J. K Rowling as well as all the other modern writers, neglecting more deeper, focused philosophical writings such as Tolstoy. The words in Tolstoy's novels stay with you for months lingering in your head. They reveal more insight into even the most basic human interactions, why people do what they do and what they are thinking.

Very ashamed to see that he is so low on this list, particularly as War and Peace has been hailed as the greatest novel of all time. Without a doubt leo tolstoy is the greatest, the greatest writer ever lived. He is the first modern writer of this fair country; humorist extraordinaire he helped define the American wit and wisdom. I may go read it again later, now that I think about it. He wrote the most highly anthologized book in the history of the U. His grasp of irony and dialect was, and still is, astounding.

Their are very few people in this country who do not recognize his name. I believe that he should be ranked 1. This needs to be based on something other than who your writing hero is or who's writing you enjoy the most. It should be based on historical impact. I love his adventures of tom sawyer it's beautiful, fantastic..

V 14 Comments 13 William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. Believe me, as of right now, Stephen King is one of the best authors of all time, and his novels have impacted me. But I want to look at the overall effect, and William Shakespeare's impact is so much greater. I mean people; his works are taught in school for a reason. He is a genius, and has many of his plays vary in so many genres, and they're all wonderfully told.

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This a suspenseful story about a Civil War soldier, Petyon Farquhar, who has been captured by enemy troops. The story opens in a dangerous predicament, with the soldier about to be hanged, "A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama A rope closely encircled his neck. The story -- depending on the reader -- can operate on at least two levels; as a simple story about a dog, a child and crushing cruelty.

It may also be interpreted as an allegorical social criticism after the American Civil War. Either way, it's a powerful, sad story. The Monkey's Paw by W. Jacobs Three wishes and a Monkey's paw. What could go wrong. A horror story in the short story form. Yes," was the reply, "I don't know what the first two were, but the third was for death. That's how I got the paw. The story is set in an unspecified Italian city, the protagonist, Motressor believes he has suffered a thousand slights and injuries at the hand of his friend.

Montressor invites -- rather tricks --his friend, Fortunato, into tasting some wine stored back at his pallazo in the wine cellar. Eve's Diary by Mark Twain Mark Twain's take on the battle of the sexes is funny and witty and brilliant as he writes once from Eve's perspective and then follows-up from Adam's. Perhaps it is because he is not bright The Story of an Hourby Kate Chopin This dramatic short story -- an early entrant in feminist literature -- was very controversial when published in It suggests a possibility that people of that era were more comfortable rejecting rather than considering.

The story still has the power to make modern readers uncomfortable. But the best writers of short story note that it is possible and sometimes even desirable to criticize an aspect of something to point out a nuanced feature; a quick mind can illuminate part of an arrangement without condemning the entire arrangement.

I believe that is what Chopin..

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Each individual on our list has a unique writing style. Some are funny, some are poetic, some are great writers that changed the world have a powerful voice. However, few writers have made breat impressionable mark outside of the literary realm quite like our top breat famous left-handed writers. One can only assume: Read on to learn some fun facts about lefties, and get to know our favorite and famous left-handed writers.

We have left-handed ancestors: Research has shown that there were a significant amount of cave people who used their left-hand. This discovery was made through archeological findings such as tools, teeth yup. Lefties are natural artists. Jimi Hendrixone of the greatest guitarists, learned to play a right-handed guitar. Sometimes he strummed with his left-hand playing the chords gdeatand other times playing like a right handed guitarist.

Hendrix is just one example of how lefties are automatically put in a position to think differently. Higher chance of having a psychological disorder: Not the most fun fact on our list. Same lifespan as right handed folks: This myth, my left-handed friends, is totally false. You may not know his name, but you know his work. Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll authored one of the most popular fictional novels of all thw From childhood, Carroll was known for making up stories for friends and family—which is how the Alice series initially formulated. A simple storytelling session for Carroll materialized into a series about Alice: Carroll has other notable published works, but the impact of Alice is very present today with films great writers that changed the world Disney and Tim Burton immortalizing the story.

Click To Tweet Lisa Kudrow: While she portrays the lead characters for both series, Kudrow also serves as a co-creator and writer, contributing and writing many if not, all of the episodes. Both shows have received critical and popular acclaim, respectively. Baldwin was daring, and positively used his writing skills to hold a mirror up to society. Click To Tweet Bob Dylan: Dylan penned down fiery, thought-provoking, and poetic song lyrics. He began as a singer-songwriter in and never looked back.

He has 36 albums one that came out this year attached to his name, and books of lyrics that have subsequently been published.

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Here are 25 authors's favorite reads. Who knows, one of these books might become your new favorite. The book was famous then, but if you haven't heard of it, allow Chicago magazine to outline the plot: It's a procedural about large-scale agricultural production. It included a few of the same books above, plus two short stories by Stephen Crane. I have never started a novel It opens up the possibilities of a novel. It makes it seem worth doing. Warlord of Mars series. Martin has said that J. Tolkien's The Lord of the Ringswhich he first read in junior high, is "still a book I admire vastly.

John Mandel's book about a group of actors in a recently post-apocalyptic society, he said, is "a deeply melancholy novel, but beautifully written, and wonderfully elegiac Crane, a pastor in Maine, which likely asked for Twain's recommendations for both young boys and girls as well as the authors' favorite books Crane's letter, unfortunately, is lost. Arabian Nights ," among others. He also included B. The single best monologue in fiction appears toward the end, when Sam Spade tells Brigid O'Shaughnessy why he's giving her to the police.

After he fired a gun as a suicide threat, the inn insisted that he be supervised by a nurse. While under Dorothy Richardson's care, he provided her with a list of 22 books that he deemed "essential reading. Ina volume of the author's letters from to was published, giving the world a glimpse into his friendships and reading habits.

Beckett wrote about many books in his correspondence: He described Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne as "lively stuff," wrote that his fourth reading of Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane caused "the same old tears in the same old places," and that he liked The Catcher in the Rye by J. Salinger "more than anything for a long time. Stine praised Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Winecalling it "one of the most underrated books ever. Bradbury's lyrical depiction of growing up in the Midwest in a long-ago time, a time that probably never even existed, is the kind of beautiful nostalgia few authors have achieved.

It has a fairly modern, naturalistic style—'Show, don't tell'—and there are a lot of sex scenes shown. For years, I didn't know I had the expurgated edition that provided only elliptical hints of what went on between falling into bed and waking up refreshed. The unexpurgated edition is instructional. Rowling she wrote the latter under a pseudonym went with a classic: But you can't see the pyrotechnics; there's nothing flashy. Nesbit, whom Rowling called go here children's writer with whom I most identify.

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There is one other kind of authors, the prolific writers who, year after year, even decade after decades remain Bestsellers without tiring their audience. In our capitalist worldthe best criteria to access is to see the sales figureswhich even exceed the one billion mark in each of following individual cases. Here they are -the 10 most successful authors — each with an exemplary work.

Dan Brown Sacrilege Best-selling author. If only it were really that easy to become one of the most widely read authors in the world. The American author Dan Brown has yet to have a secret. Before his success, he taught English and was an unsuccessful singer and composer. Christie has established several books worth billions of dollars. The train is stuck on tracks in the snowno one can escape and yet, the killer does not seem to be on board. Agatha Christie dominates the classical means of the crime genre perfectly.

According to some sources, her works sold to date approximately four billion times, making it one of the most successful authors of literary history. The year-old Brazilian is a master of light style. He rolls neither complicated theories nor build conquerable castle of thoughts.

He aims straight for the heart of his readers "best novel writers of the world" he seems to take forever. It is a kind of guide, consisting of short, meaningful stories and thoughts. Coelho encourages people to persist in his spiritual search for meaning. Coelho is enthusiastic about the Internet and for a long time and supports the free download of his books. His this step has even boosted the sale of his books more. Ken Follett Fall of Giants Ken Follett studied philosophy and worked in the s as a journalist and then in a publishing house.

Because the British did not complete this work, he began to write. The author spreads the panorama of a sinking continent of Europe on the brink of the First World War. The fates of an English domestic worker, two Russian brothers and an Anglo-German couple. He intersects them with each other and with the major historical events.

Follett has a special gift. He invented the link between individual life with contemporary historical facts which readers admire a lot.