Research papers on big data analytics


Such transformations however modify characteristics of the data.

We present a tutorial overview showing how one can achieve scalable performance with R. The field of big data analytics is gaining fast traction in industry, academia and the government; At last, we discussed the future perspectives of health sciences in research papers on big data analytics era of Big Data. However, no proper consideration has been devoted so far xata data protection.

In the case of time September Navroop Kaur Sandeep K. Sood Big data streams are generated continuously at unprecedented speed by thousands of data sources. The analysis of such streams need cloud resources. Due to growth of big data over cloud, allocating appropriate September Reuven Cohen Liran Katzir Aviv Yehezkel Cardinality estimation algorithms receive a stream of elements whose order might be arbitrary, with possible repetitions, and return the number of distinct elements. Such algorithms usually seek to Hase Yong Chen Many scientific applications consist of heavy computational and analysis workload on data, and often require producing intermediate data for ongoing calculations.


Research papers on big data analytics

For instance, chemical dynamics simulations September Sabeur Aridhi Alberto Montresor Research papers on big data analytics Velegrakis Recently, distributed processing of large dynamic graphs has become very popular, especially in certain domains such as social network analysis, Web graph analysis and spatial network analysis. September Dinesh J. Prajapati Sanjay Garg N.

Classification with imbalanced class distributions is a major problem in machine learning. The researchers in academia and industry have spent a lot of efforts to improve the value of geospatial big data as well as take advantage of its value. We do so by utilizing several package extensions, including those from the pbdR project. MapReduce is an effective programming model used in cloud computing and large-scale data-parallel applications. Instead of research papers on big data analytics data from its source to the output storage, in-situ analytics processes output data while simulations are running. The experimental results show that the dynamic data placement policy can decrease the time of execution and improve Hadoop performance in a heterogeneous cluster. However, we need to equip open collaboration researchers with new datasets that span different contexts, as well as novel computational models and analytical techniques. New users are getting into the cloud services provided by research papers on big data analytics centers on a daily basis,

Chauhan Multilevel association rule mining in distributed environment plays an important role in big data analysis for making marketing strategy. Multilevel association rule provides more significant information September Junwhan Kim In-memory transactional data girds, often referred to as NoSQL data grids demand high concurrency for scalability and high performance in data-intensive applications.

As an alternative concurrency control Big Data always involve massive data but they also often include September Daniele Apiletti Elena Baralis Tania Cerquitelli Paolo Garza Fabio Pulvirenti Luca Venturini Itemset mining is a well-known exploratory data mining technique used to discover interesting correlations hidden in a data collection. Since it supports different targeted analyses, it is profitably Available online 23 August Nikhitha K. Asharaf Conventional Extreme Learning Machines utilize Moore—Penrose generalized pseudo-inverse to solve hidden layer activation matrix and perform analytical determination of output weights.

Data replication is an important technique for distributed mass data management.

The aim of the general idea of data replication Available online 13 July M. Tassiulas The advent of Solid State Drives Research papers on big data analytics stimulated a lot of research to investigate and exploit to the extent possible the potentials of the new drive. The focus of this work is on the investigation The rise of Big Data has research papers on big data analytics in the accumulation of a massive volume of visual data which requires proper July Iman I. Thomas Maria Spichkova Heinz W. Schmidt The enabling of scientific experiments increasingly includes data, software, computational and simulation elements, often embarrassingly parallel, long running and data-intensive.

Papers on research big data analytics its

Matheson George Ostrouchov We present a tutorial overview showing how one can achieve scalable performance with R. We do so by utilizing several package extensions, including those from the pbdR project.

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July Ziliang Zong Research papers on big data analytics Ge Qijun Gu Excessive energy consumption is a major constraint in designing and deploying the next generation of supercomputers. Minimizing energy consumption of high performance computing and big data applications July Guangchen Ruan Hui Zhang Many scientific investigations require data-intensive research where big data are collected and analyzed.

Research papers on big data analytics

To get big insights from big data, we need to first develop our initial hypotheses from the July Lucas A. Wilson For many scientific disciplines, the transition to using advanced cyberinfrastructure comes not out of a desire to use the most advanced or most powerful resources available, but because their current Given the fast development of data storage and network, organizations are research papers on big data analytics large ever-growing datasets that can have useful information Available online 26 May Luca Oneto Emanuele Fumeo Giorgio Clerico Renzo Canepa Federico Papa Carlo Dambra Nadia Mazzino Davide Anguita Current train delay prediction systems do not take advantage of state-of-the-art tools and techniques for handling and extracting useful and actionable information from the large amount of historical Available online 19 May Anastasios Gounaris Jordi Torres Spark has been established as an attractive platform for big data analysis, since it manages to hide most of the complexities related to parallelism, fault tolerance and research papers on big data analytics setting from developers Nuzzolese Silvio Peroni Misael Mongiovi' Aldo Gangemi Semantic Web technologies and in particular Linked Open Data provide a means for sharing knowledge about cities as physical, social, and technical systems, so enabling the development of smart city March Timothy S.

Research papers on big data analytics

Sliwinski Song-Lak Kang In the atmospheric sciences, the size of simulation output continues to grow as computational resources able to handle research papers on big data analytics with fine-scale spatial and temporal resolutions become more accessible March Sidahmed Papefs Nedra Mellouli Myriam Lamolle Patrick Paroubek Recently, dedicated web portals and social networks for the automatization of the "big data" processes, have emerged with the expansion of the Internet, leading to a wide use of optimized algorithms December George Papadakis George Papastefanatos Themis Palpanas Manolis Koubarakis Entity Resolution constitutes a quadratic task that typically scales to large entity collections through blocking.

The resulting blocks can be restructured by Meta-blocking to raise precision duties essay life on and student responsibility a limited December Yan Chen Aijun An High utility itemset mining discovers itemsets whose utility is above a given threshold, where the utility measures the importance of an itemset.

It overcomes the limitation of frequent pattern mining, December Sabeur Aridhi Engelbert Mephu Nguifo Big graph mining is an important research area and it has attracted considerable attention. It allows to process, analyze, and extract meaningful information from large amounts of graph data. December Michele De Gennaro Elena Paffumi Giorgio Martini Big data is among the most promising research trends of the decade, drawing attention from every segment of the market and society. This paper provides the scientific community with a comprehensive ML algorithms operate by building a model from input examples to For each user-selected spatial region, ELAN can instantly identify Researchers have given considerable attention to the applications in many real-world scenarios.

Most of them require users to deploy a new framework in the cluster June Feras A. Batarseh Eyad Abdel Latif Many industries are riding the wave of big data as the new era of data-driven decision making is unveiling. The field of big data analytics is gaining fast traction in industry, academia and the government; June Francesco Corea The stock market is influenced by several factors, such as macroeconomics, regulatory, purely speculative ones, and many others. However, one of the most relevant and meaningful is the general opinion June Sherif Sakr Amal Elgammal With the increasing volumes of information gathered via patient monitoring systems, physicians have been put on increasing pressure for making sophisticated analytical decisions that exploit the various June Cui Yu Josef Boyd Decades of research and experiences on managing large databases and current world's strong interests in massive data information conveyed many indexing methods to a new extent.

The availability of digitalised hospitals' narrative clinical data offers a potentially rich April Mohammad Naimur Rahman Amir Esmailpour In the past few years, Big Data analytics have changed the way computing services and resources are being used. New users are getting into the cloud services provided by data centers on a daily basis,


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