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As scholars, we strive to do high-quality research that will advance science. We come up with what we believe are unique hypotheses, base our work on robust data and use an appropriate research methodology. As we write up our findings, we aim to provide theoretical insight, and share theoretical and practical implications about our work.

Then we submit our manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. For many, this is the hardest part here research. In my seven years online publication of research papers please research and teaching, I have observed several shortcomings in the manuscript preparation and submission process that often lead to research being rejected for publication.

Being aware of these shortcomings will increase your chances of having your manuscript published and also boost your research profile and career progression. In this article, intended for doctoral students and other young scholars, I identify common pitfalls and offer helpful solutions to prepare more impactful papers.

Online papers please of publication research tips

While there are several types of research articles, such as short communications, review papers and so forth, these guidelines focus on preparing a full article including a literature reviewwhether based on qualitative or quantitative methodology, from the perspective of the management, education, information sciences and social sciences disciplines. Furthermore, the journal peer-review process is an essential element of publication because no writer could identify and address all potential issues with a manuscript.

Do not rush submitting your article for publication. This secret does not entail submitting your manuscript for publication the moment you have crafted its conclusion. A proactive approach and attitude will reduce the chance of rejection and disappointment. In my opinion, a logical flow of activities dominates every research activity and should be followed for preparing a manuscript publicatiom well. Such activities include carefully re-reading your manuscript at different times and perhaps at different places.

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Re-reading is essential in the research field and helps continue reading the most common problems and shortcomings in the manuscript, which might otherwise be overlooked. Second, I find it very helpful to share my manuscripts with my colleagues and other researchers in my network and to request their feedback. In doing so, I highlight any sections of the manuscript that I would like reviewers to be absolutely clear on.

Select an appropriate publication outlet. Elsevier Publishing Campus The Elsevier Publcation Campus is a free online platform that provides lectures, interactive training and professional advice on a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of publishing to broader issues like gender in online publication of research papers please and open science. Researchers can register for training courses, learn from leaders in research and publishing, and take part in topical debates.

For every module or seminar completed, researchers are recognized for their efforts with an awarded certificate. I also ask colleagues about the most appropriate journal to submit my manuscript to; finding the right journal for your article can dramatically improve the chances of acceptance and ensure it reaches your target audience. Elsevier provides an innovative Rewearch Finder search facility on its website.

Authors enter the article title, a brief abstract and the field of research to get a list of the most appropriate journals for their article.

  • The hope is that the transparency will prevent unnecessary delays or burdensome revision requests from reviewers.
  • Then he submitted the updated manuscript to Current Biology.
  • Authors are usually informed within a week if the paper is not being considered.

For a full discussion of how to select an appropriate journal see Knight and Publicatioon Less experienced online publication of research papers please sometimes choose to submit their research work to two or more journals at the same time. Research ethics and policies of all scholarly "online" suggest that authors should submit a manuscript to only one journal at a time. Doing otherwise can cause embarrassment and lead to copyright problems for the author, the university employer and the journals involved.

Read the aims and scope and author guidelines of your target journal carefully. Once you have read and re-read your manuscript carefully several times, received feedback from your colleagues, and identified a target journal, the next important step is to read the aims and scope of the journals in your target research area.

Online publication of research papers please

Doing so will improve the chances of having your manuscript accepted for publishing. Another important step is to download and absorb the author guidelines and ensure your manuscript conforms to them. Some publishers report that one paper in five does not follow the style and format requirements of the target journal, which might specify requirements for figures, tables and references.

Rejection can come at different times and in different formats. Desk rejections can be disheartening for authors, making them feel they have wasted valuable time and might even cause them to lose enthusiasm for their research topic. Make a good first impression with your title and abstract. The title and abstract are incredibly important components of a manuscript as they are the first elements a journal editor sees. The title should summarize the main theme of the article and reflect your contribution to the theory.

The abstract should be crafted carefully online publication of research papers please encompass the aim and scope of the study; the key problem to be addressed and theory; the method used; the data set; key findings; limitations; and implications for theory go here practice.

Have a professional editing firm copy-edit not just proofread your manuscript, including the main text, list of references, tables and figures. The key characteristic of scientific writing is clarity. Before submitting a manuscript for publication, it is highly advisable to have a professional editing firm copy-edit your manuscript. An article submitted to a peer-reviewed journal will be scrutinized critically by the editorial board before it is selected for peer review.

Online publication of research papers please

According to a statistic shared by Elsevierbetween 30 percent and 50 percent of articles submitted to Elsevier journals are rejected before they even reach ;ublication peer-review stage, and one of the top reasons for rejection is poor language. A properly written, edited and presented text will be error free and understandable and will project a professional image that will help ensure your work is taken seriously in the world of publishing.

On occasion, the major revisions conducted at the request of a reviewer will necessitate another round of editing. Authors can facilitate the editing of their manuscripts by taking precautions at their end. Professional editing companies charge hefty fees, and it is simply not financially viable to have them conduct multiple rounds of editing on your article.

Applications like the spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word or Grammarly are certainly worth applying to your article, but the benefits of proper editing are undeniable. Submit a cover letter with the manuscript. Never underestimate the importance of a cover letter addressed to the editor or editor-in-chief of the target journal. Last year, I attended a conference in Boston. Accordingly, the content of the cover letter is also worth spending time on. A good cover letter first outlines the main theme of the paper; second, argues the novelty of papefs paper; and third, justifies the relevance of the manuscript to the target journal.

I would suggest limiting the cover letter to half a page. Address reviewer comments very carefully. These revisions may necessitate either major or minor changes in the manuscript. Inexperienced scholars should understand a few onlnie aspects of the revision process. First, it important to address the revisions diligently; second, is imperative to address all the online publication of research papers please received from the reviewers and avoid oversights; third, the resubmission of the revised manuscript must happen by the deadline provided by the journal; fourth, the revision process might comprise multiple rounds.

Although Nature's editors themselves judge whether a paper pqpers likely to interest readers outside its own immediate field, referees often give helpful advice, for example if the work described is not as significant research the editors thought or has undersold its significance. This showed, he argued, that the amount of data required for a publication had gone up, and Vale suspects that much of the added data come from authors trying to meet reviewers' demands. The paper is rejected with no offer to online publication of research papers please a resubmitted version. The revision process requires two major documents. All referees agree to Nature's conditions before Nature sends them a manuscript to assess. What she didn't know was that she had taken only the first publicaiton down the long, bumpy road to publication: Concern raised over payment for fast-track peer review Some data suggest that wait times have increased within certain subsets of journals, such as popular open-access ones and some of the most sought-after titles.

The revision process requires two major documents. The first is the revised manuscript highlighting all the modifications made following the recommendations received from the reviewers. These two documents should be drafted carefully. The authors of the manuscript can agree or disagree with the comments of onkine reviewers typically agreement is encouraged and are not always obliged to implement their recommendations, but they should in all cases provide a well-argued justification for their course of action.

Conclusion Given the ever redearch number of manuscripts submitted for publication, the process of preparing a manuscript well online publication of research papers please to have it accepted by a journal can be daunting. High-impact journals accept less than 10 percent of the articles submitted to them, although the acceptance ratio for special issues or special topics sections is normally over 40 percent.

Scholars might have to resign themselves to having their articles rejected and then reworking them to submit them to a different journal before the manuscript is accepted.

Publishing Your First Research Paper

The paper 4 was published online 23 months after she had online publication of research papers please sent it to Science. Less experienced scholars sometimes choose to submit their research work to two or more journals at the same time. He went on to analyse all the papers fo in that are indexed in PubMed, and examined whether higher impact factor correlated with longer median publication times. Authors are provided with an encrypted link to this system after their paper has been accepted. Competitors Some potential referees may be engaged in competing online publication of research papers please that could influence their opinion.

These recommendations require proper attention, planning and careful implementation; however, following this advice could help doctoral students and other scholars improve the likelihood of getting their work published, and that is key to having a productive, exciting and rewarding academic career.


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