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It is very important to get enough sleep in order to perform at your best.

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Sleepiness will affect your overall life. If a student does not get enough sleep it is less likely that they do better in school. Students are also not as healthy if they do not get the minimum hours of sleep. In addition, sleepiness can make it harder to get along with essay on difficulties of student life and family.

Teachers taking in consideration the need for sleep in students could help solve this problem. Sleepiness affects students in so many essay on difficulties of student life. Many students do not do as good in school as they can because they are exhausted and drowsy.

Studies show that when a student is well rested oj will score better on a test than someone who has not rested at all. That is why teachers always tell you to come well rested for a test. Teachers always say to sleep a lot before a test, but there are usually assignments essay on difficulties of student life the student has to complete before they can go to sleep.

Usually students stay up and do badly on the test because they are too sleepy to perform at their best. Teachers also put too much on tests. If the students want to get a good grade they have to study and that means staying up late too. They will have studied a lot, but they will not be well rested.

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Then, they will have to study for other tests. During the last week of the semester teachers always have tests on the same day. I think that all teachers should have their finals on a different day of the week.

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Perform basic statistical calculations 2. We discuss in detail what they are learning so that I can keep them interested and motivated. In the second column, essay on difficulties of student life the purpose of each A student carries immense responsibilities on his shoulders. Communication has become my passion.

A lot of teachers and adults say that students need to prioritize better. They say that you need to finish your work before you do anything.

Students need the motivation, the ambition — the drive — to complete their schooling with much success. Perhaps the person I am today is a compensation for who I was years ago. Communication has become essay on difficulties of student life passion. Students encounters many and different problems during their school years.

Well, students have a life too. Sometimes they need to help out around the house or sometimes they just need a break. Teachers need to start to understand students more. There are article source ways that this problem can be solved. One essay on difficulties of student life that this problem can be solved is by teachers giving students less work to do at home. Also, have tests more frequently so that not all the material is on a huge test that would take hours to study for.

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Overall, I think that the biggest problem that students face today is the lack of sleep that they get. Lack of sleep affects the students overall life and can cause them to be cranky or get mad at friends and family. Also, teachers need to not assign as much homework so that students essay on difficulties of student life get the sleep that they need. If all teachers were in agreement they could all help students be better rested and ready for the next day.

Essay on difficulties of student life



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