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The truth is that I simply couldn't get one name out of my head, and that one name was drowning out all the rest. It was the first name that popped into my head when asked who my hero is.

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That name my sister is my hero essay to Jennifer Bird, my older sister. So, although I felt like I somehow ought to choose amongst the coaches, teammates, and legendary sports figures who have all influenced me in important ways--none of these in the end are my one true hero.

For so many reasons, I could probably fill an entire book. She is caring, kind, and intelligent. But most of all, she's real--with no pretensions, and no airs. She never loses sight of who she is. That's something I've tried to learn from her. For instance, I this web page many college scholarship opportunities, and a number of people were pushing me to choose Stanford, one of the best universities in the country, or Vanderbilt, which is also an excellent academic institution.

But when I visited the University of Connecticut, I knew that the University of Connecticut and head coach Gino Auriemma would be the best fit for me, both athletically and academically. It was absolutely my sister is my hero essay right choice, and I owe it to Jen. For me, heroism, and the true measure of a person's character, is all about how you handle adversity.

As you can tell, there are many jero and heroines in my life. Please contact This I Believe, Inc. She is not perfect. She's always steady, no matter what ups and downs life serves up. My sister has always been there for me, giving me an endless fountain of wisdom while asking only for my success in return. If I was unorganized, she would run to the store and buy me a big calendar to put on my desk so I could stay organized and stay on top of things. We've been friends for so long now, I can't imagine my life or being who I am today without them. It's something I am really proud of.

She's always steady, no matter what ups and downs life serves up. I admire this about her.

My sister is my hero essay

Maybe the most significant contribution that Jen has made to my life is that she has taught me--by word and example--how to be a role model. When Jen and I were younger, I idolized her. Admiring someone like that is a very powerful thing, and I'm not sure how common it is to find between siblings. I was in competition with her, as many sisters are, but in my case I think it was more about being my sister is my hero essay enough to make her proud than it was about beating her.

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As a sports figure with a high profile, I am aware that many young girls and boys now consider me to be their hero. It's something I am really proud of.

essy There is nothing wrong with that, but I think it's really important for girls and boys to be able to see female athletes on ESPN and the other networks, playing professional sports. Im proud to have been part of this transformation in the sports essay, and whatever positive impact that change might have made on us as a nation.

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It is a wonderful honor to be a role model, but I also recognize the responsibility that comes with it. No matter how great my accomplishments on the basketball court, what counts is that I stay grounded and humble in my pursuits.

That's what Jennifer taught me. You will always be my hero. Thanks to Free Press for reprint rights of the above material.


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