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David Wruting Kelley from Coe Tuesday, May 24, The world of Maya studies has lost another of its greatest scholars. A pioneer in key developments in the phonetic decipherment of Maya hieroglyphic writing, Dave was also an expert in a large number of other academic fields, from astronomy to genealogy, and from ethnohistory to calendars. Dave was born in Albany, New York, on April 1, Amos Humiston died clutching in his hand a photograph of his three young children, and newspapers began a search for the children's mother, who was finally found in upstate New York.

The oldest of the children, Frank, was Dave's grandfather [Morris ]. As Michael Coe later recounted: Two of the plates in the book fascinated him: As Dave puts it, "I thought, hey, that's something I'd like to be doing. His Senior Honors thesis Kelley set the scene for how he conducted his later research, comprising a detailed and comprehensive study of documentary sources for the study of what now would be called the ethnohistory of Central Mexico.

Dave continued please click for source Harvard as a graduate student, and was proud to call himself Alfred Tozzer's last graduate student. His dissertation Kelley was on a subject that I suspect might have initially somewhat alarmed the rather formal Tozzer. The difference, perhaps, between Dave Kelley and Alfred Tozzer was that Dave had a highly varied and eclectic repertoire: All of these subjects would remain major themes of interest to Dave for the rest of his life. By this time he had my Jane Holden, an archaeologist he had met while at Harvard, and they were starting their family, which eventually grew to four children.

Also at this time Dave was awarded two Fullbright scholarships, to undertake fieldwork and teaching in Peru and Uruguayrespectively. In the Kelleys moved to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and later still in to the University of Calgary in Canada, where both Dave and Jane became professors in the Department of Archaeology—one of whose founders was Richard "Scotty" MacNeish, with whom Dave had conducted fieldwork in Tamaulipas, Mexico, in the s.

Around this time, Dave published several key articles on various aspects of Maya hieroglyphic writing. With this article Yankess provided the first published disssertation for Tatiana Proskouriakoff's brilliant argument that the content of the Classic period monumental inscriptions of the Maya is predominantly historical in nature. Proskouriakoff's landmark paper had been published in American Antiquity two years earlier, and while it received universal scholarly acceptance as soon as it was published, Dave Kelley's article on Quirigua was the first application of Proskouriakoff's method to the inscriptional corpus of another site.

This article represents the first major statement outside the Soviet Union in support of Yuri Knorozov's decipherment of "phonetic," or syllabic, signs in Maya writing. Dave had met Knorozov at a conference in Copenhagen in Lebrun This was significant, as the greatest Mayanist scholar of the time, J. Thompson, was implacably opposed to Knorozov's proposal and had written several stinging rebuttals of Knorozov's arguments e. However Thompson's rebuttals focused on some incorrect decipherments of individual glyphs by Knorozov, as a way of condemning his entire work; Dave Kelley focused on Knorozov's methodology, which he argued in his article was sound, despite some errors of application.

Also published in was "A History of the Decipherment of Maya Script" Kelley cwhich provided a balanced and up-to-date summary of the previous history of the field of Maya hieroglyphic studies. These articles represent the beginning of a much larger work that Dave was preparing: This work was an encyclopedic treatise on what was known about Maya writing up to the early s, and it was by far the best statement made about the various aspects of Maya writing and its decipherment up to that time. While Dave was building his reputation as a hieroglyphic expert, he continued actively to pursue his other research interests.

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I am critical of what I read. Dissetration at least one strength as your starting point. The best writers can do is to contribute what they know and feel about a topic at a particular point in time. Flow is both a possibility—most people experience it at some point in their writing lives—and a myth. Inevitably, if you write over a long period of time and for many different situations, you will encounter obstacles. As Hjortshoj explains, obstacles are particularly common during times of transition—transitions to new writing roles or to new kinds of writing. Think of yourself as an apprentice.

If block or apprehension is new for you, take time to understand the situations you are writing in. In particular, try to figure out what has changed in your writing life. Here are some possibilities: You are writing in a new format. You are writing longer papers than before. You are writing for new audiences. You are writing about new subject matter. You are turning in writing from different stages of the writing process—for example, planning stages or early drafts. It makes sense to have trouble when dealing with a situation for the first time. Writing in new situations can be rewarding.

Think of new writing situations as apprenticeships. Hlp might be surprised. Below are some suggestions for how to learn about new kinds of writing: Ask a lot of questions of people who are more experienced with this kind of writing. Here are some of the questions you might ask: What are the most important elements to include.

How do you get started. How did you learn to write this way. Ask a lot of questions of the person who assigned you a piece of writing.

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The best laptop for writers After much thinking and deliberation, we finally crowned the Lenovo ThinkPad T the winner. Lenovo have long been crowned king of the keyboards with their springy, tactile keys offering a satisfying typing experience. The included GB solid state hard drive aids in fast boot times and responsive applications. A hour battery life is achievable depending on the battery configuration, which gives you a full days work and more without needing to find a charger, or a powerpoint.

The Lenovo has a number of security features to protect you and your data. Your laptop is protected with an in-built fingerprint reader that ensures secure storage of your data. Dual noise-cancelling microphones ensure that limited background noise gets picked up during the call. With all of these features, the Thinkpad T fits the bill as the best laptop for writers. Processor - Intel Core iU 2. Microsoft Windows 7 Pro x64 preinstalled with free upgrade to The XPS 13, like the T, also has a quality and comfortable chiclet-style keyboard.

Dell has opted for a Quad HD Weighing at just 2. The only reason the XPS 13 was second is that we felt that typing on the T was a slightly better experience, but it was truly neck-and-neck. Apple MacBook Air Weighing at just under 3 lbs and having a hour battery life, you could consider the Air to be an ultra portable laptop.

If you are regularly working away from your desk, you will enjoy the freedom that the MacBook Air provides. Where the MacBook really shines is if you have the whole Apple ecosystem. Combining an iPhone with a MacBook gives you some fantastic options such as seamless copy-pasting, text forwarding, iCloud syncing etc. Perfect for the budget conscious or part-time writer, the Dell Chromebook is a budget notebook aimed at those who primarily work with cloud storage. Where Chromebooks really shine is their ability to deliver fast speeds due to the SSD hard drive and limited storage.

Chromebooks are designed to have small hard drives, in this case 16GB, with most of your files stored in the cloud with an application like Google This web page. The Chromebook has an excellent hour battery life and small form factor with its The keyboard is good, but not great, and is outclassed by the other laptops in our list. Apple MacBook Pro MacBooks come with a chiclet keyboard with solid feedback and a satisfying typing noise.

In my opinion the typing noise on the Apple MacBook Pro The MacBook Pro comes with the For the portable writer, 9 hours of battery life should be more than enough for you to move around throughout the day without running out of charge. Apple has done a great job to get the weight of their once heavy laptop down to a measly 4.