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David Wruting Kelley from Coe Tuesday, May 24, The world of Maya studies has lost another of its greatest scholars. A pioneer in key developments in the phonetic decipherment of Maya hieroglyphic writing, Dave was also an expert in a large number of other academic fields, from astronomy to genealogy, and from ethnohistory to calendars. Dave was born in Albany, New York, on April 1, Amos Humiston died clutching in his hand a photograph of his three young children, and newspapers began a search for the children's mother, who was finally found in upstate New York.

The oldest of the children, Frank, was Dave's grandfather [Morris ]. As Michael Coe later recounted: Two of the plates in the book fascinated him: As Dave puts it, "I thought, hey, that's something I'd like to be doing. His Senior Honors thesis Kelley set the scene for how he conducted his later research, comprising a detailed and comprehensive study of documentary sources for the study of what now would be called the ethnohistory of Central Mexico. Dave continued please click for source Harvard as a graduate student, and was proud to call himself Alfred Tozzer's last graduate student.

His dissertation Kelley was on a subject that I suspect might have initially somewhat alarmed the rather formal Tozzer.

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The difference, perhaps, between Dave Kelley and Alfred Tozzer was that Dave had a highly varied and eclectic repertoire: All of these subjects would remain major themes of interest to Dave for the rest of his life. By this time he had my Jane Holden, an archaeologist he had met while at Harvard, and they were starting their family, which eventually grew to four children.

Also at this time Dave was awarded two Fullbright scholarships, to undertake fieldwork and teaching in Peru and Uruguayrespectively. In the Kelleys moved to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and later still in to the University of Calgary in Canada, where both Dave and Jane became professors in the Department of Archaeology—one of whose founders was Richard "Scotty" MacNeish, with whom Dave had conducted fieldwork in Tamaulipas, Mexico, in the s.

Around this time, Dave published several key articles on various aspects of Maya hieroglyphic writing. With this article Yankess provided the first published disssertation for Tatiana Proskouriakoff's brilliant argument that the content of the Classic period monumental inscriptions of the Maya is predominantly historical in nature. Proskouriakoff's landmark paper had been published in American Antiquity two years earlier, and while it received universal scholarly acceptance as soon as it was published, Dave Kelley's article on Quirigua was the first click here of Proskouriakoff's method to the inscriptional corpus of another site.

This article represents the first major statement outside the Soviet Union in support of Yuri Knorozov's decipherment of "phonetic," or syllabic, signs in Maya writing. Dave had met Knorozov at a conference in Copenhagen in Lebrun This was significant, as the greatest Mayanist scholar of the time, J. Thompson, was implacably opposed to Knorozov's proposal and had written several stinging rebuttals of Knorozov's arguments e. However Source rebuttals focused on some incorrect decipherments of individual glyphs by Knorozov, as a way of condemning his entire work; Dave Kelley focused on Knorozov's methodology, which he argued in his article was sound, despite some errors of application.

Also published in was "A History of the Decipherment of Maya Script" Kelley cwhich provided a balanced and up-to-date summary of the previous history of the field of Maya hieroglyphic studies. These articles represent the beginning of a much larger work that Dave was preparing: This work was an encyclopedic treatise on what was known about Maya writing up to the early s, and it was by far the best statement made about the various aspects of Maya writing and its decipherment up to that time.

While Dave was building his reputation as a hieroglyphic expert, he continued actively to pursue his other research interests. Through the s and s he published on linguistics, mythology, trans-oceanic diffusion, genealogy, early writing, calendar systems, and astronomy, even while he continued to make important contributions to Maya hieroglyphic decipherment.

Another of Dave's major interests was the problem of the correlation between wrriting Maya and European calendars. Dave was always convinced that the correlation almost universally used today originally proposed by Thompson inis wrong, and he spent much of his career looking for the jy solution. Over the years he proposed at least four correlations of his own, and by the s he had become convinced that the correct correlation was one proposed by Andreas Fuhls and Bryan Wells which places dates years after those yankees Thompson's correlation.

Since his Harvard years Dave had been interested in diffusion and trans-oceanic contact. This is a subject which has attracted a lot of research that is, let us say, of variable quality, and which could potentially damage academic reputations. Dave would not have been worried by the danger indeed, he would have relished it.

The point is that he brought his rigorous and thorough scholarly research methods to the subject, and when Dave pronounced nny this subject or any other one ignored him at one's aobany. It also led to great titles for articles, such as "Knife-Wing and Other Man-Eating Birds" Kelley ban article which brought together linguistic and mythological data from the American Southwest, Polynesia, and Mesoamerica. One of Dave's diissertation moments was when one of his Ph.

Stewart, received the Canadian Governor-General's award for the best anthropological dissertation of the year. Joe's thesis was a study of the relationship between Asian and Mesoamerican calendar systems, a subject dear to Dave's heart and to which he himself contributed Moran and Kelley Genealogical studies formed yankeees of Dave's major interests I am not sure, but perhaps spawned by his family background involving Amos Humiston.

Early in his career he made detailed research into the dynasties of medieval Europe his first published article, while still an undergraduate at Harvard, involved the family of Charlemagne [Kelley ]. In recognition of his many accomplishments in genealogical cissertation, Dave was elected as Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists in Dave loved doing hekp research, and was never happier than when discovering yet another family link in ancient Mixtec dynasties, or among European royal families, or in his beloved Ireland.

Sadly, much of his superb work into the genealogies of the Toltecs and other Postclassic Mesoamerican dynasties remains unpublished, although some details have been published in several important articles Kelley, a. Yet another area in which Dave was an expert was astronomy. He used his astronomical research in combination with his knowledge on calendar systems to work on the Maya correlation problem, and he wrote several important publications on astronomy over his career. These culminated in when Dave was over 80 with a prodigious volume, Exploring Ancient Skies, which he wrote with his colleague and close friend Eugene F.

This book went to its second edition just earlier this year. As Stanley Guenter notes: I had nu privilege to take one of Dave's last classes, a seminar on archaeoastronomy co-taught with Dr. Milone at the very time the two were writing their book. While writing my research paper for the class on the subject of the Venus Tables of the Dresden Codex I took advantage of Dave's remarkable generosity with his time, and while our discussions might begin on the calendar or astronomy they usually ranged far afield, and often came back to the relationships of Toltec princes to the other royal lines of Mesoamerica, an interest that Dave certainly inspired in me.

Without fail that famous grin would come across Dave's face, and with a twinkle in his eye, he would present the perfect and quite often most arcane counter-evidence to thoroughly refute my point. I can honestly say that I have never met a more erudite and knowledgeable person than Dave Kelley, but this was something that Dave demonstrated, without boasting. One was in awe of Dave and his prodigious memory and insightful mind, but not intimidated by him, and while I learned a lot of humility in my discussions with him, I take pride in having been his student.

Dissertation writing help albany ny yankees

Stanley Guenter, personal communication Later in his disserration Dave yankses a number of insightful and incisive reviews in the journal Quarterly Review of Archaeology later simply the Review of Archaeology. These generally involved several books or articles dealt with ddissertation, on such diverse topics as: Maya archaeology, ceramics, and epigraphy; Mesoamerican archaeology, linguistics, and ethnohistory; and script diffusion. These reviews were an excellent opportunity for Dave to exercise his wide-ranging and eclectic knowledge.

I have never read such perceptive reviews as those written by Dave Kelley. Dave was legendary as a teacher. Uankees taught a huge number of clases and over a wide range of subjects, some of which would probably be considered, sadly, too esoteric to be taught in most universities today. Dave's uelp were always an adventure. I remember in undergraduate classes frenetically trying to take notes on a topic that started out, say, as the archaeology of Chichen Itza, but which quickly moved to hep Aztec calendar to Polynesian terms for the sweet potato to Jewish princes in Europe—and leaving us in the class wondering how Dave had got there so seamlessly, click to see more how on earth we were going to be able to remember all this for the exam.

He would ask exam questions such as "Make up a question and answer it. You will be marked on both your question and your answer," which if you think about it is not nearly as easy as it seems.

Dissertation writing help albany ny yankees

Another question I remember Dave posing is a puzzle that combines his interests in mythology, calendar, and cross-cultural comparisons. The question is this: They disserfation made their home welcome to students and visitors, and their Thanksgiving dinners were legendary. I believe that people came to at least one of them; quite simply I do not know how Jane managed to host them so wonderfully. One of my major regrets in my career is that I didn't meet them a year earlier.

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dissertation writing help albany ny yankees I was an undergraduate at the University of Calgary, and nearing the end of my first helo, but had only seen "Dissertation writing help albany ny yankees" and Jane in the Department corridor and had never summoned up the courage to talk with either of them: Nevertheless, I had become close to one professor at Calgary, Scott Raymond, who had been very supportive and friendly to me during my first year, and who kept saying to me "if you're interested in Mesoamerica, you really must speak with Dlssertation Kelley.

Apart form anything else, what was Jane going to say to an additional mouth to feed at no notice?

Over time, we began to notice a pattern. The term "organized chaos" comes to mind. They always made their home welcome to students and visitors, and their Thanksgiving dinners were legendary. College application essay service ny essay online scholarship essay write my term paper online.

I think that night was the most stimulating of my life. Jane and Dave and their family made me most welcome, and Dave and I talked long into the night, until at about three in the morning he drove me back to my apartment. Over the next three years I spent many evenings and early mornings at Dave and Jane's, while Dave patiently gave me one-on-one lessons on dissertationn Maya and Mesoamerica, and particularly on Maya hieroglyphic writing, with a bit of linguistics, astronomy, genealogy, correlations, and trans-Pacific contacts thrown in for good measure. In the process, Jane and Dave became second parents to me.

This generosity on the part of the Kelleys—open to all students who passed through Calgary—is echoed by a later student, who went from Mexico to Calgary to complete his PhD, Armando Anaya: I first met Dave shortly after my family and I arrived in Calgary. At the time we were overwhelmed by a completely different geographic and cultural setting and were not sure that we would dissertattion easily.

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If you mba essay service writing see the instructions. I cannot believe my eyes! In the process, Jane and Dave became second parents to me. I will definitely recommend your service to all my college friends. I will startle my strict professor this time for sure!

Dave immediately struck me as a laid-back good-natured fellow, not the erudite stereotype that I had imagined, having read about his ground-breaking contributions in the field of Maya studies. His yankeez smile and cheerful disposition always brought a joyous note to any gathering that we had, spending the nights dissertation writing help albany ny yankees Mexican and Diswertation folk songs.

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I guess it was in part his Irish glee that attracted me so much to Dave: Dave was a very wise man, and not only because of the plethora of topics dissertation writing help albany ny yankees he mastered, dissertation writing help albany ny yankees because he had the gift to convey that knowledge and inspire his students to search beyond the limits sometimes imposed by mainstream academia.

In that sense Dave was always a maverick, his views often leading him to abandon the comfort of consensual agreements on critical issues such as the Maya calendar correlation, or the diffusion of cultural traits, and he was never dismayed or bitter by counter-arguments or lack of same downplaying his work. Dave was a down-to earth intellectual, the kind of intellectual that we need to reach out and demystify knowledge. He led a simple uncomplicated life always in touch with those who sought to learn wriing from him, and always willing to share a song. Armando Anaya, personal communication I have taken it as a huge complement when on occasion students have compared me with Dave.

The context is of course not my brain, but rather my filing system, which I must admit at times looks like Dave's. The term "organized go here comes to mind. Maneuvering between the piles without precipitating some writjng sort of domino effect was an adventure in travel. Dave was always wonderfully generous in sharing his books and papers and offprints, and if one asked him if he had a copy of such-and-such, he would rub his bald forehead and gesture to a couple of piles on the floor and say, "Yes, I think it's in this pile, or that pile—or it's in New Hampshire.

I remember his anguish when one summer in his absence some well-meaning souls "tidied up" his office—it took months for him to get his "system" back in order! Dave Kelley at his home in Calgary, April 18, from Lebrun Dave was a gentle, considerate man who was always willing to help students, friends, colleagues, and even total strangers if they were in need.

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  • Genealogical studies formed another of Dave's major interests I am not sure, but perhaps spawned by his family background involving Amos Humiston.
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And he was always ready for a discussion on anything—from current affairs to academic topics, but never such a dry discussion that he couldn't at the drop of a hat burst into singing an Irish revolutionary song or Mexican revolutionary song, for that matter.


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