Argumentative essay abortion should be permitted


Pro Abortion should be legal, definitely. Ask a pro-lifer what their position represents - what is being pemritted pro-lifer? They'll usually give you a definition of something along the lines of someone who believes that a fetus is a life, and the sanctity of life should not be compromised by abrtion a form of murder. Ask them further if they would take measures against death occurring.

Would they, if they had the power, pass a legislation that would save more lives than not? If adhering to their position as pro-lifers, they should. At this point, the terms pro-lifer and pro-choicer would become synonymous, because any pro-lifer who is not a hypocrite, and wants to save lives as opposed to inflicting punishment will want to legalize abortion. A study came out recently showing that rates of abortion occur in countries where abortion is legal and where it is not. Despite the ruling of the land, women are not deterred in ending their pregnancy when they want to.

More often argumentative essay abortion should be permitted not in areas where it is not legal, unsafe abortions occur and the mother is injured or killed. In places where abortion is legal, unsafe abortion is hardly a problem, and abortions usually occur legally and safely. So the citizen has their choice: Argumentativd the "pro-lifer" sticks to their moral compass that they defined earlier, they'll find that legal abortion is a necessary privilege, and banning abortion is contradictory to their philosophy, killing more people than could have been saved.

But like argumentative essay abortion should be permitted of the loudest voices in this debate on both sidesyou present the issue as if it were black and white: Pro-life or pro-choice, with no room in the middle for nuance. The reality is that the vast majority of Americans are somewhere in the middle.

Very few are for making abortion illegal in every single case, and even fewer are for allowing abortion up to the last second before natural birth. But these are the two extremes you present in your argument. To the extent that I am "pro-life," I am so on the basis of Natural Rights. At some point, the living thing inside a woman's womb becomes a human being. I do not believe this to be at conception, and I cannot define exactly when essaj point is. But it is fairly clear argumentative essay abortion should be visit web page me that it is not one argumentative essay abortion should be permitted before birth.

My daughter was born six weeks premature. If she had not been premature, would it have permitetd legitimate to abort her two weeks later?

You can see the great degree of immorality I see in letting women severely injure and kill themselves, usually in a painful fashion, for aborting beings that are, on a philosophical level, debatable of being lives. Why is it, by most, considered exceptionally more argumentative essay to kill a living human being as opposed to a living, say, cow? At this point, we have to establish what the state should consider abortion should, and if the state should consider abortion murder. It is "unfair," of course, that the woman bears the greater responsibility in this matter, but it is a fact of biology.

Would it be legitimate for a woman to delay labor via drugs and have her baby aborted past the time it was actually due? And finally, most late-term abortions amount to clear infanticide, as the baby is actually living outside of the womb before it is killed.

Must I accept this in order to be "pro-choice" in your argumentative essay abortion should be permitted

Argumentative essay abortion should be permitted

argumentative essay abortion should be permitted Must I oppose a first-trimester abortion of a rape or incest victim in order to be "pro-life"? You make the argument that "pro-life" people should be for legal abortion, since legal abortion leads to fewer abortions and deaths of mothers having abortions. I question these data.

Argumentative essay abortion should be permitted

Most of the countries where abortion is illegal are poorer and have other problems -- it is thus hard to isolate the effect of abortion laws on abortion rates. But, for the sake of argument, let's say you are right: Would this then also justify any other crime? What if the legalization of source one person a year was demonstrated to reduce the total number of violent crimes permitted could it be should You are using utilitarian ethics, whereas many non-religious and some religious abortion opponents use Natural Rights ethics.

Utilitarianism allows for any abrogation of rights if it can be seen as being "in the common good," whereas Natural Rights allow for no such abrogations.

There is nothing hypocritical shold being a Natural Rights-based opponent of abortion. Report this Argument Pro I should have clarified on my terminology. Abortioon believe that a pro-lifer is defined as one who wishes that abortion should not be legal at any point in a pregnancy. That is a relatively straight-forward viewpoint, click the following article to pro-choice, which I hold to encompass people who hold that abortion should be legal for at least some alloted time of a pregnancy.

So the term "pro-choicer" is an ambiguous one when referenced to generally. Personally, I believe that abortion should be legal for the first and second trimesters, but not the third, so I will defend that viewpoint from here on out. Which means when coming to the case of your daughter, I would not like to have permit abortion, as at that point your daughter would be extensively neurologically developed.

Most neurologists hold one of the most defining points of the beginning of life to be between 24 and 27 weeks in a pregnancy, when the child starts emitting a recognizable EEG pattern. I think that clarifies your first set of questions. If the pro-lifer truly believes that their philosophy on abortion is about life, and not responsibility, punishment, or retribution, then there is no difference. The circumstances surrounding conception would have no bearing on the life of the fetus.

You could argue that this wouldn't negate my previous argument, using utilitarian ethics to appeal to pro-lifers, but I believe there's an obvious distinction between an abortion and a definitive murder - the women do not believe they are committing an act as shoould as murder.

So whereas a murderer undeniably knows he or she is committing murder, the woman could not consider the fetus as a life and be ewsay in that argumenfative. At this point, we have to establish what the state should consider life, and if the state should consider abortion murder. I mentioned earlier that I believe in abortions in the first and second trimester, and not the third. Therefore, I agree with the ban on partial-birth and late-term abortions, and I generally believe that current abortion laws in the United States should be upheld.

My basis for believing this is primarily neurology and capability. In what ways does a human being differ argumnetative other animals?

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Why is it, by most, considered exceptionally more unethical to kill a living human being as opposed to a living, say, cow? I would assume this bias exists on two levels. Firstly, a human being is of our own species. Every species that wants to rationally continue existing has a abortion should predisposition towards saving their own kind, so as not to risk extinction and to properly propagate the genes of argumentative essay species.

Why You're Wrong About Abortion

While most, even all, humans may have an inherent feeling of this bias, I don't think it fully accounts for the human race's eesay of itself. I think the matter mostly has to do with distinct sentience. Disregarding matters of hostility that may wssay, if cows had intelligence and civilizations of the stature of humans, along with language and means of communication with each other and ourselves, I'd be willing to bet murdering that creature would merit a punishment analogous to the charge of murder of a human.

Of course, no such creature exists, but you can see my point that our compassion arfumentative with those of sentience, and hardly anything otherwise, save for small clusters of animal rights activists who are dwarfed by the rest of the apathetic human race. So, compassion and legalities are deduced to apply to here sentient.

They do not apply to creatures such argumentative essay abortion should be permitted cows, which are not as intelligent or developed as humans. So, then, should the rights of the fetus not lie within its stage of development, making it a more punishable offense the later stage in its life you abort it? Here is where you may object, to say that the fetus, as a life that will develop into a human, pwrmitted potential for sentience and humanity, and the application of laws to it.

This is all so, but any actions taken against the fetus prior to that point, permitted any standards, do not make those actions immoral or unethical. I find embryology suould compelling, as they show that development of embryos in all species are relatively the same, and all have traces of past evolution in them. There is an interesting diagram for you - the relative developments of animal fetuses. Note the exceptional prenatal similarities.

It begs the question: And we have answered that question: So it does become more unethical to abort the further on in the stage the child is, which is why procedures such as partial birth and late term abortions have been banned. What about prior to those, though? I see no ethical dilemma in abortion, as the development of the fetus is insufficient, and argumentatuve function of argumentative essay abortion should be permitted body systems is greatly impaired.

The cerebrum, the part of the brain that makes the most difference in distinction from animals, and in life functioning, is the last part of a fetus to develop. I am willing to abortioh the existence of a abortiom creature, indistinguishable for many stages in development in regards to what animal it is, for one capable of fully functioning, feeling pain, thinking, building, and progressing. I put more of a priority on people who already definitely exist and are sentient, such as women who are shoyld and wish an abortion.

You can see the great degree of immorality I see in letting women severely injure and kill themselves, usually in a painful fashion, for aborting beings that are, on a philosophical level, debatable of being lives. Allowing the painful disfiguration and often death of a woman as amends to the abortion of a creature which hardly feels any pain, not permittted any other reason than it hardly is able to feel any pain as a corollary of its underdeveloped nervous system and body structure, is an tyrannical ruling analogous to taking 2 eyes for a badly functioning eye.

Such a ruling is only suitable for tyrannies and only acceptable by those who decree themselves punishers. Report this Argument Con In your Round 1 argument, you made no qualifications for when abortion should be legal -- thus implying that it should always be legal. There are radical pro-choicers aargumentative would call you permittd woman hater or a "reactionary," etc.

There are those whose motto is "free abortion on demand and without apology! This just proves that this issue is very delicate and sticky. The main thrust of your Round 1 argument was that pro-lifers who are against legal abortion are hypocritical, based on your assertion with evidence that countries that do not allow legal abortion have more abortion-related deaths than countries that do allow legal abortion.

In Round 1, I argued a non-hypocritical Natural Rights-based reasoning argumengative making abortion in some or all cases illegal. You don't challenge my argument, thus, I can only assume that you agree that not all arguments against legal abortion are necessarily hypocritical. Going further, I must state that I'm not sure where I stand on abortion.

There is a lot of gray area. I am definitely for choice a moment after conception and definitely against it a moment before essag. All the time in between is tough for me to say, but I do think the nature of the act that led to pregnancy -- i. It is "unfair," of course, that the woman bears the greater responsibility in this matter, but it is a fact easay biology.

Point being, if she consents to sex, she is admitting the possibility that she may become pregnant, and if she does, she will have become so willingly. However, if she is raped, she did not consent, and thus cannot at least check this out my eyes be made to "take responsibility" for the result.

Abortion be permitted argumentative essay should and now

You make a good point that most women who have abortions do not consider the act "murder," and thus, there is no "intent. Argumentative essay abortion should be permitted on my own limited knowledge, I can't say when a fetus becomes an individual with rights. You seem to have better insight into this matter, but I'm guessing that there are plenty of rational esaay who would disagree with you.

A one-size-fits-all solution is not for the best, in my opinion.


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