Abortion should not be illegal essay


People argue that it is the mother's body, the mother's choice. Others say that a life is a life, no matter how small.

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Do you really think that anyone has the right to murder an innocent's human being? Banning abortion can be a big achievement but it can always be done if it's compulsory.

No one in the world has the right to even think of murdering an innocent abortion should not be illegal essay. Just because a fetus may not have a complete eye or leg formed doesn't mean he or she isn't a human. Many people who are against death penalty are in favour of abortion.

essay on why abortion should be legal

Abortion is one of the worst types of murder because it is the killing of a person who has not committed any sin. Those who practice abortion should receive the same penalty that they give the baby.

Some of the physical damage can result from an abortion- damaged cervix, perforated uterus, haemorrhage, and infection are just a few of the side effects that could occur. Another study conducted by Dr.

Abortion should not be illegal essay

Did you know a baby can survive an abortion? When this kind of disaster occurs it is abortion should not be illegal essay sad.

Abortion should not be illegal essay

What happens is that the baby that was supposed to die ends up sustaining the abortion process. You might be thinking to yourself at least it survives the evolution, well you're incorrect.

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Usually what will happen is that the baby will have missing parts on his or her body. Seventy percent of babies that survive abortions die at the age of 4.

There are no advantages from getting one. The baby's mother not only has to deal with physical consequences, but also psychological problems that could last for a lifetime. Hopefully someday this essay will have a big impact on the humanity. The doctor uses a special tool to suck the baby into a collection bottle. There would also be the high risk of back street abortions, which were around many years ago when abortion was illegal in this country. Purple Open Document - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Arguably reminiscent of the dreaded extermination camps of the second world war, deciding the death of millions has become a matter of routine in the world today. Also infection may easily occur if fetal tissue is left behind in the uterus.

Thirty percent of the survivors will have complications on his or her life meaning autism etcetera. Banning something this big can be impossible if you think it's impossible but if you think possible it's always abortion should not be illegal essay. Having a good reason like this essay will not only give you confident but also supporters. Having an abortion is the act of inhumanly being and also it's the act of murder.

It also has big risks for the mothers and the baby.

Hopefully someday this essay will have a big impact on the humanity. I would be more than happy if you can edit or point out my mistakes.



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