Abortion should be banned essay on


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Even my classmate had abortion. I found recent research shows that more and more young girls go to hospital to abortion. I was curious because i know there is such thing call condom.

Abortion should be banned essay on

Why still have too many girls become pregnant. Sometimes, abortion may cause some gynecological diseases, and which may affect their whole life.

Moreover, if girls have several abortions, their fertility will be agortion. They may not be pregnant when they want to have children. Besides, the abortion actually is to kill the baby. So this may make some mental shadows in their mind. Some women may have psychological problems because of it. Some may be abortion should be banned essay on.

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Moreover, if they can have abortion arbitrarily, they may not realize that they should take responsibility for their behaviours. All of these will affect their development and futures. Abortion has become a hot topic and ideas vary from person to person. After a thorough consideration,I think the abortion should be banned. Abortion abortipn difficult to guarantee esssy abortion should be banned essay on of pregnant women.

Especially some young girls don not have enough to go to the hospital; they may go to some abortion should be banned essay on private clinics. It hurts them and brings a variety of diseases to their bodies. And also their next generation will be affected.

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Here addition, abortion is a moral problem. Men and women lose sense of responsibility, and wantonly induce abortion, against social moral. In shokld of the seriousness of this problem, we can reach abortion should be banned essay on this conclusion that the whole society should pay close attention to this problem and effective measures should be taken before things dhould worse.

All in all, the abortion is immoral and is harmful to women in body and psyche.

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Therefore, we should not support the abortion. Abortion is not moral, it is killing people with out conscience. So the abortion should be banned.

The behaviors of the shokld people should be restricted. Is this the perfect essay for you? Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Sorry for the short response but my opponent only allowed me 10 minutes to respond, in my opinion to cheat. So many stories describing the human characteristics of these aborted babies remain untold therefore the uneducated woman continues the growing statistics of this action. Although it might not have a pulse or heartbeat is a living thing. Another technique used by a lot of pregnant women is the RU It also teaches the youth that there is no serious consequence for that major action. So this may make some mental shadows in their mind. Sharp jaws are used to grasp different parts of abortion should be banned essay on unborn baby which are then torn away. It is a crime against life.


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